Câlinesse APRICOT GEL 30 ml


Apricot gel is a water-free formulation that moisturizes dry to very dry skin: ideal for the whole family. The skin is ideally hydrated, soft, and supple after application.

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The apricot gel is an authentic, ancestral, multi-propose recipe with antioxidant virtues.
92% of the ingredients are from organic origin.

Its advantages:

  • Rich in vitamins A and E, anti-aging and photoprotective
  • Its orange color gives good look and boosts the radiance of the skin
  • A multi-purpose product that can be mixed with a day cream

The ingredients / the virtues:

  • Organic apricot stone oil
  • Rich in phytosterols (vegetable lipids) that improve firmness and reduce skin aging. Rich in vitamin E antioxidant, rich in vitamin A photoprotective and antioxidant. Organic sea buckthorn oil:
  • Gives a radiant look and restructuring. Maintains healthy skin, ideal on mucous membranes.


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