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PHARMALP BOOST made with Rhodiola rosea, vitamin B1, and magnesium, is an ideal dietary supplement for:

  • Periods of stress
  • Examination time
  • Difficulty in waking up
  • Jetlags


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PHARMALP BOOST made with Rhodiola Rosea, vitamin B1, and magnesium, is an ideal dietary supplement for:

  • Periods of stress
  • Examination time
  • Difficulty in waking up
  • Jetlags

The balance of the body’s biological rhythms (day/night) is one of the keys to well-being. During the day, our body is active. It must generate energy to meet the demands of this day which awaits it.

Owing to the combined effect of thiamine (vitamin B1) and magnesium on normal energy metabolism and psychological functions, it helps to:

  • Generate energy for the day
  • Maintain cognitive functions (concentration, memory) and mood

Magnesium also helps to reduce fatigue during the day

Boxes of 20 tablets.


Food supplement with Alpine plant (Rhodiola), Magnesium and Vitamin B1.

List of ingredients: Magnesium citrate; rhizome extract of orpine rose (Rhodiola Rosea); vitamin B1 (Thiamine hydrochloride); coating agents: E1420, talc, glycerol; anticaking agent: HPC ; firming agent: magnesium stearate.

Gluten and lactose-free. Suitable for vegans.


  • An innovative Swiss product, with additional ingredients for a very active day!
  • A local alternative to ginseng!
  • Rhodiola is a plant known since the age of Vikings, who used it to give themselves strength and courage before going into
  • Pharmalp’s Rhodiola is grown by mountain farmers in Wallis. These farmers are certified organic.
  • Magnesium citrate is exceptionally bioavailable and well absorbed by the body. Magnesium contributes to normal energy metabolism and to the reduction of fatigue.
  • Suitable for vegans, gluten-free and lactose-free


Adults: 1 tablet/day, in the morning, for 20 days. To be swallowed with a glass of water.
To be renewed if necessary.
Not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women and for children.
This food supplement does not replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children.
Storage at room temperature (< 25°C)


Pharmalp supports people who wish to take responsibility for their health, by offering them natural and effective products that work on both symptoms and causes in order to prevent a recurrence.

Our research and products are based on scientific proof of effectiveness and tolerance, and our industrial partners have been selected with great care.

We are proud of our Swiss roots and our ambition is to offer effective, high-quality products in line with the reputation built up by Swiss companies across the globe:

  • Phytotherapy products based on alpine plants extracts or micro-algae for preventing or caring certain daily disorders: stress, sleep disorders, fatigue, lack of vitality,….
  • Products based on good bacteria for the microbiota, the body’s key player in health, digestive well-being and immunity. Innovation, quality and effectiveness, at the heart of our concerns!


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