Câlinesse WHITE PEBBLE SOAP 100g


For the whole family. Ideal for sensitive, fragile, and dry skin. As many times as necessary, it does not dry out the skin.

Used for hands, face, and body. For shaving, apply to damp skin.

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Verfügbar bei Nachbestellung


The super-fatted solid soap

99,05% of the total ingredients are of a natural origin  85,34 % of the total ingredients are from organic farming. Weakened by the aggressions of the outside world, especially limestone, the skin needs to be treated daily.

This super-fatted soap, enriched with 20% donkey milk, organic shea butter, and sweet almond pulp oil, it moisturizes your skin and leaves it smooth and soft every time you use it.

How to use: Use for gentle washing of face and body.

For whom:

  • For the whole family
  • For dad to shave
  • For the children’s daily washing
  • For grandpa, grandma


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